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What's your favorite thing to do on family night?

What has surprised you most about motherhood?

Motherhood has been a string of surprises. Some good, some frightening, some enlightening, others humbling. What has surprised me the most though is how much becoming a mother has made me strive to be a better person. I am so aware of the fact that I am the greatest example to my three children, and knowing this forces me to think before I act, or speak, or cry, or laugh. I stop and I think about how my children will see me, what example I will be setting for them by behaving a certain way. I want them to grow into productive, kind, empathetic, inspired, strong people. I want them to never give up on things. I want them to realize that the right things are not always the easiest things. I want them to think about others, be proud of themselves, and try new things. I try to live my Life in a way that exemplifies these qualities. I am not always successful, of course, and in fact, I probably fail more than I know, but what has surprised me is how important setting an example has been to me as a mother. And by doing this for them, I not only become a better mother as I go along, I become a better everything.

What's your favorite game to play as a family?

What's a great finger food that your kids love? Please include a link.


Last week, I made these Frozen PB-Chocolate Covered Bananas with the kids and they absolutely LOVED THEM!! With three of my all time fave ingredients, they happened to make their way into my hands as well. I made them "bite size" so they just popped them in....and were a hit with the zillion kids from the neighborhood that frequent my house now that it's summer. Take THAT, Fla-Vo-Ice. ** Check out the link to the amazingly simple recipe with photos on my blog, Amommaly. **I actually LOVE Fla-Vo-Ice**
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