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Angela is a winner of Top 25 Moms of Multiples - 2013

Between getting kids dressed, fed and out the door on time mornings can be hectic! What tips do you have for making morning routines easier?

Well, due to their extreme prematurity, we still don't get out much, but we definitely have our routines. I listen to my kids' needs - that's super important. I try to stick to the schedule and routine as often as possible, but we do leave room for changes when necessary. If one is more cranky, I feed that one first. If one wakes before the other, that's our special quiet time with just the two of us. If one is happily playing, I'll pull the other aside to feed/clothe/etc.

When they're both going off the deep end, well, I just hold on for dear life! Because, sometimes, routines go out the window and we go into survival mode.

People often say twins and other multiples have an extra special bond. Has there ever been a time when you noticed an especially unique connection?

Mine are all fraternal. My two survivors definitely have their own language and way they play together and interact, but the neatest time I ever saw their bond was while they were still in the NICU.

My girl, baby C, was always super sensitive to the changes and what was going on with her brothers. She would ignore other babies crying, but she knew when it was one of her brothers and her stats would go haywire. When they would get separated, she'd get really upset. And, when our baby A passed away, she had to be held because it was like she knew and the nurses could not keep her calm.

What are your tips for celebrating joint birthday parties?

For us, with one boy and one girl, we anticipate that this will get harder. I'd say though, to make sure they each feel special and have their own day. I won't be doing one cake, but two. As they grow, if they want separate parties, we'll do that. They are separate people and will likely have separate friends, likes and interests, etc. I don't ever want them to feel like they are 'the babies', rather, Braden & Tenley. Until they get to that point though, I have just been having them share in opening the gifts, and in each activity we do, trying to make sure they each get special time and recognition.

A special note for moms who have lost a multiple... For their first birthday, we did have one small cupcake for Carter, but we did not celebrate him in any real way. We decided to celebrate his life on his angelversary (the day he passed away) and we do something special for him on those days.