Angelica Minx

From Mama Kat to Minx: One woman's crazy journey from Mumsie to Minxdom ...

'The Contemporary Girls Compendium To Vintage Allure, Burlesque Tease & Pinup Raunch'

What topics do you cover on your blog?

What are three unqiue features of your blog?

What do you like most about raising a child in Australia?

Can you recommend a stylish bag that is big enough for all the stuff moms tote around? Please share a link if you can.

Angelica Minx

I am a crazy Mama Kat of three kids plus one man-child so you can imagine how much 'crap' aka possessions I get lumped with. I live an hour away from the local shopping centre (I am also a city turned country chick) so I try to do as much shopping online as I can. I buy my bags and shoes online from because they do free shipping, and they are inexpensive AND are inspired by fab designers and vintage looks. In pure awesomeness, they also now sponsor my blog! yippee!
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