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Annie Fox's Blog

Annie has been an educator for 30+ years. Her focus? The healthy social and emotional development of tweens and teens.Her new parenting book is "Teaching Kids to Be Good People." We need more good people, right?

Annie is a winner of Top 25 Teacher Moms - 2013

What's one of your favorite new books for children?

The Adventures of Taxi Dog!

What advice would you give to a mom who thinks her child has too much homework?

Talk to the teacher... (stay calm and respectful) Find out what his or her expectation is for how much time a typical assignment should take. If there is too much homework being assigned, that's one thing (and can be addressed). If, on the other hand, the issue is your child's spending 45 minutes on an assignment that was meant to take 10 minutes, well, that's something to discuss with the teacher as well.

What's one of your favorite educational activities that can be done outside the classroom?

Reading to and with children! That includes acting out stories, re-imagining the plot with different twists, drawing from imagination inspired by a book parent and child have read together. And of course... writing original stories.

What's your go-to potluck recipe? Please share a link to the recipe and photo if you have one.

Annie Fox

So simple, no recipe needed! Fresh seasonal fruit salad, marinaded in pineapple juice tossed with chopped dry roasted almonds and topped with finely chopped basil and mint. (I'm a big fan of herbs with fruit. It may sound weird, but try it!)
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If you were giving a commencement speech, what's one piece of advice you'd give to young women who want to include motherhood in their futures?

Annie Fox

Go as far as you can with your education before you become a mom. The same goes for turning your professional dreams into a reality. In this way, if and when you do become a parent, you will be show your sons and your daughters what a well-educated, focused and hard-working woman can accomplish.
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Can you recommend a great toy that costs less than $10? Please share a link to a photo.

Annie Fox

I define a great "toy" (the only kind worth giving) as anything that engages a child's imagination, heart, mind and spirit. That said, the best toy you can give your child is a library card! With it, your daughter/son will travel on countless adventures of discovery. It is the key to their future and it's FREE! (What a deal!)
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How do you stay connected to your grown children?

Annie Fox

Parents of grown children (and older teens who are well on their way) need to love with an "open hand." This shows your adult kids that you respect that they've got a life of their own. And isn't that what you always wanted for them? Isn't that why you spent all those years teaching them about responsibility and accountability and being a person of good character? Of course it was! Now they are taking all those lesson you provided and they are honoring you with the choices they make out in the world. When they reach out to you, via phone, email, text... always respond with genuine enthusiasm that you are happy to hear from them and eager to listen and share. Lay a guilt trip on them for not connecting "more often" and they will not appreciate it. Makes sense, right?
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