Apple Cheeks McGillicutty

This blog is about our little "Apple Cheeks," a one-year-old with Down syndrome. We write about her joys and challenges, adventures and misadventures, and our growth as a family along the way.

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My Favorite Family Activity

We are a family that loves to travel. Exploring new terrain, even in our hometown, is always a joy for each of us, including our little Emma — the subject of the Apple Cheeks McGillicutty blog. A close second to that, though, is cooking a healthy meal for us to share together. We love good food and love watching our little one explore new flavors and cultures through her culinary experiences.

How Blogging Changed My Family Life

It has encouraged me to reflect upon the joys and challenges of raising not only a young child, but one with special needs. It has connected our family to so many other families who have similar joys and challenges. In short, it has broadened our community.

A Unique Feature of My Blog

The mixture of blogposts, which range from serious issues facing children with special needs and their families, to more of a journal-like approach to our daughter's daily adventures — and having photos to document her story along the way.