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How do you split your time so that all your children get enough attention?

I spent one on one time with my 7 year old after the 4's and 2 year old are in bed. I also take one child at a time to run errands and leave the rest with dad. He does the same. It isn't much, but its something they look forward to and it gives them the one on one time they need.

Do have any tips for handling sibling rivalry?

I wish I did. My children are so close in age that they love and despise each other equally. When they fight I try to let them work it out for themselves instead of solving all their problems and I hope in the long run it works out the kinks.

Moms of multiples are often experts at multitasking. Have you discovered a shortcut or trick that all moms could use?

I do a ton of things, all at the same time. I am the queen of multitasking. I am usually doing no less than 3 things at one time. I refer to myself as a professional plate spinner. If I stop spinning just one thing, they all fall down. I would suggest finding a balance between a bunch of acts that can be done together. Like cooking dinner and during the in between moments, wash dishes and deep clean the coffee pot. In 30 minutes you completed 3 to do list notes.

What's one of the worst messes your child has made? Please share a link to a photo if you have one.

Angel Rodrigues

One of my twins went through a phase of playing with the poo in his diaper and if I didn't get to it quick enough or even know it was there it would be everywhere. In his teeth, all crevices of toys and furniture. It was horrible! No pictures... I was too busy cleaning ;)
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