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What inspired you to start blogging?

I have 2 boys and I find it hard to really find anything "cool" for them, so starting the blog was a way to help other moms who felt the same way see that there are so many amazing and fun things for kids out now. I wanted to feature what's hot in the children's market and also make sure I put it in a global aspect. There are so many amazing designers just waiting to be discovered all over the world, and I didn't want to limit myself or my readers to just one style or country.

How do you keep up with the latest kids' fashions and being a mom?

It actually comes very naturayl to me. I also have a magazine that deals with children's fashion, so it's just what I've grown to love and do. The daily activities of being a mom and running my own business gets a bit crazy, but that's another story.

What are three things parents should think about when styling their kids?

1. Comfort. Kids are kids and they should be able to play like them without some ridiculous fashion statement outfit on.
2. White is always going to get dirty.
3. Use key items like a designer top or bottom, and pair them with vintage, thrift or found items to make the outfit both unique and affordable.

At what age do you let your child decide what to wear?

Priscila Curci de Barros

I think any age is fine. My son Carter is now just trying to put on his own clothes which is both so super cute and sad (sigh! Does he not need me anymore? :( ). I think that there really isnt any "rules" in parenting, its just what you feel is right at the time and what fits the best for your family. I personally enjoy watching my children put on their clothes because they both have such different styles at such a younge age! Its also a good way to build confidence in them becaue they get such a great feeling that they picked out their clothes and put it on!
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How do you make shopping for your family's clothes affordable?

Priscila Curci de Barros

I have always been a believer that kids can be both fashionable, comfortable and affordable! I love to mix and match my children's clothes with items Ive found at flea markets, thrift stores and estate sales and mix it with modern designer items. This doesn't just help make their outfits affordable but it also makes each outfit unique and personal. I am very sentimental and can't help but find the charm in a used 50's collard top that a little boy wore a long time ago and my love of vintage has passed on to my children. My oldest Christian loves to go to the thirft shop with me and find items and always askes me " who use to wear this." It puts a smile on my face. I think this is a great way to save some cash, help the environment and turn an outfit from just your daily attire to a personalized statement!
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