Baby Stribling(s)

Living fabulously, loving fabulously, and laughing fabulously...with uber fabulous boy/girl twins.

How do you split your time so that all your children get enough attention?

Do have any tips for handling sibling rivalry?

Moms of multiples are often experts at multitasking. Have you discovered a shortcut or trick that all moms could use?

Some toys remain favorites for years; can you recommend one for young children (age 2-5)?

Mandy Stribling

My twins turn two in TWO MONTHS! It honestlytakes my breath away how fast it has gone. Their birthday is right after Christmas (January 8th) so I have been thinking big time about toys for both. They have outgrown their toddler riding toys, so first on the list is a new riding toy: maybe a tricycle, big wheel, or power wheels. We are also probably going to get them some outdoor play equipment. As for smaller toys, I am thinking more building toys for my son, and he loves playing pretend. I am thinking my daughter might be ready for her first American Girl doll. Maybe the Bitty Baby??
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