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Babylish Advice

Being one of the first of my group of friends to have a baby, they would always call me for advice on EVERYTHING b/c I think I basically hired everyone & bought anything that would help me get through the tough stage & thats when I started a blog ..

Terri is a winner of Top 25 Product Review Moms - 2012

What are your favorite products that you've seen this year that would make great stocking stuffers?

Having a slight shopping obsession (and i think the word "slight" is an understatement), I have come across some great stocking stuffers for parents (because of course we cant be forgotten) and our little one's:

1. Custom Phone Case - Don't worry Blackberry users, there are cases for every smart phone!!! I absolutely LOOOOVE this product and think it would
make a great gift for anyone. Whenever someone see's my iphone case, they always ask me where I got it. It's so easy to do, drag and drop your favorite picture
into the space provided and click "finished" and within two weeks your custom case is delivered (Case Mate)
2. Retro Handheld Phone - "Calling" all 70's and 80's kids!! I love the idea of this phone. We are all guilty of having our smart phones attached at our head which isnt
the best idea. These anti-raditation phones plug into any smartphone and are super cute and trendy. (Indigo)

1. 20Q - This is one of those games that will keep your kids (or even yourself) entertained for hours. Through 20 Questions, it guesses what you are thinking ... cool right??! (Mastermind)
2. Smencils - Remember the smelly markers which made a huge mess and would somehow always end up all over my hands (my poor mom, I absolutely loved these), well someone got smart and made Smencils. Draw and then smell - your kids will get a kick out of these. Bought in individual tubes, collect all the different flavours. (Oink Oink)
3. Boogie Board - A great doodle board for the older kids - no paper to waste. Draw what you want and then click a button and it will disappear to start a new board (Toys R Us)
4. Do A Dot Art - Mess free dot art .. Need I say more! You can follow the designs or make your own dot art. I hadn't realized that bingo dabbers could be so much fun.(Oink Oink)
5. Wind up Toys - Everywhere I look there are wind up toys! Of course I bought a whole bunch and my son couldn't stop laughing because they wiggle, they walk, they flip and there are litterally hundreds of different kinds of them (Mastermind)
6. Funky Tots Clock - Any child of any age would love this clock. It is pre-programmed with your child's name (or name of choice) and sings the most addictive wake up song
with their name. The kids LOVE it! (
7. Laser LED Spinning Top - We just got this toy and my son can't get enough of it. Twist the top on the ball, raise up high and push the button and the ball drops and spins with fun laser LED lights and sings a tune (dollar store)

For more great toys, check out my blog

What's your favorite resource for discovering new products?

There are a few great resources for discovering new products. Some of my favorites are:
1. Parent Tested Parent Approved: As a PTPA blogger, I get the opportunity to try out new products that are given to them for us moms to try out and review in order to receive a PTPA badge of approval. I am also a subscriber to their newsletter where they send out their/our favorites and I always go through this list to see whats new
2. PR companies are a major source of finding the latest greatest as they represent a numerous amount of brands (big or little) and give us the opportuntiy to try them out and then share with the rest of our readers.
3. Savvy Mom: As a Savvy Mom Storyteller, I receive new products that are on the market to try out to blog about - I think online magazines are a huge resource

Whats the best parenting product you've ever reviewed?

The absolute best parenting product i've reviewed is the Gro Anywhere Blind. This is by far one of the best products on the market (in my opinion). A lot of us mom's spend a ton of money on black out blinds (I am guilty of that) and they really don't black out the room. This is an inexpensive product by comparison, it has suction cups around the entire blind to adhere to all the windows and completely blacks out the room. Once I started using this, my son slept much better because there wasn't light peering through his room. I even bought two extra's for when he sleeps at his grandparents house. You can't put a price on sleep.