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The Baker's Mann

I'm a busy mom who likes to cook and exchange recipes with friends. I'm no chef (I follow recipes) and want to share some of my favorites - and try yours too! Let's create a place to swap recipes so we're not all making our same 5

Anne is a winner of Top 25 Foodie Moms - 2013

What's one of the first recipes you taught your kids to make?

We enjoy baking together like banana bread or coffee cake. Both are easy, lots of opportunities to divide up the measuring and mixing, it makes the house smell good while baking, and of course, the best part is eating it together (especially taking a sample bite after it comes out of the oven)!!

What's a delicious no cook recipe?

The kids would say "butterfinger ice cream pie!" It's definitely a good one - mixing ice cream and candy bars and putting it in an Oreo cookie crust. You also can't beat a good bowl of guacamole. Who doesn't like mashing the avocados?

What's a great breakfast for a special occasion?

The kids loves chocolate chip waffles! I like when David makes his challah French toast (I think the secret is the vanilla). Andrew could eat the potato, bacon and cheese omelet. Best part about breakfast is that it tastes just as good at dinner (and the kids think it's a real treat)!