Beholding Glory

Beholding and proclaiming the heart and charcter of God.

Laura is a winner of Top 25 Faith Blogs by Moms

What Inspired Me to Start Blogging

God has done so many things in life that have given me glimpses of what He is like and what He loves. If I observed and studied for my entire life, I would never run out of new discoveries about the character of God. For all eternity, there will be something incredible about Him which causes me to say “Wow.” I started blogging to be able to brag on God. There are many people who may not have many chances to hear about the awe-inspiring God who created them, loves them and has a great plan for their life. What an incredible opportunity to get to share with them from my dining room table.

How Faith Inspires How I Raise My Children

My trust in Jesus defines everything about me. It’s through His sacrifice on the cross in exchange for my junk, that I receive forgiveness and life. God gives me hope, perspective, endurance, wisdom, ability to do what I cannot, desire to lay my life down for others, vision for what could be, motivation and inspiration. My hopes, love and expectations of my kids, ability as a mom, perspective and endurance to love them well are all rooted in my relationship with Jesus.