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Best Family Traditions

Inspired by a loved ones passing, I began a blog to share with others how to creatively enjoy family life through simple everyday traditions. I am wife and mother of 4 children under 7 learning and loving daily.

How does blogging help you deal with challenges?

What's a book or song that has inspired you?

After a particularly rough day, how do you raise your spirits?

Does your family have a special St. Patrick's Day tradition? Please also include a link to a photo, if you have one.

Lori Ward Jackson

For as long as I can remember, my mother has made Irish soda bread every year in the days leading up to St. Patrick's Day. She would stand in the kitchen, digging her hands into the dough, baking loaf upon loaf for friends and family. Once she wrestles the sticky dough into a pan, my father uses a knife to cut a cross into the top and then pauses to say a short prayer, blessing the bread, those who eat it, and for special intentions that day. While the ingredient of prayer is my father's special touch, the tradition of cutting a cross into the top of a loaf of Irish soda bread actually serves a two-fold purpose: 1. It allows the heat to penetrate to assist cooking. 2. The cross is the symbolic note of crossing the breads and giving thanks. This treat sliced thin and lightly toasted with butter and a hot tea- oh how my mouth waters right now. Visit my site to see recipe.
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