Biddle Buzz

Biddle Buzz is written by a mother of three, wife and caregiver of a severely wounded combat veteran, and a woman that battles her own medical issues on a daily basis. Through it all, she finds laughter in life and enjoys the finer things.

What do you love about being a military mom?

What advice would you give to moms on how to build a new support circle after a move?

What's a tip for helping kids cope with a parent's absence?

Keep life as routine as possible! It is so crucial that as women with our husbands deployed, we keep life as "normal" as we possibly can to enable stability in the lives of our children. Sporting events, extracurricular activities, movie nights, game nights, or whatever you do to entertain your family and build bonds, should continue even when a parent is deployed.

It is also important to have children interacting with the parent that is absense. There are so many fun crafts, silly songs, pages to color, letters to write that can be done. Not to mention the fact that families are now, more than ever, blessed to have Skype! How awesome is that? It makes communication a bit easier for many families.

Another thing to bring your child up knowing in the event of a deployment. Teach your child about OPSEC. It is so important that your child not broadcast location and dates to people. There is also importance to teach your child to continue on with school, daycare, and everyday life as though their parent is still home. It alliviates all attention that could be focused on a deployed family member, in the long run keeping the family on the homefront safe. It avoids the attention that can be brought on to a family while a loved one is deployed.