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Suzi is a winner of Top 25 Photographer Moms - 2012

What's your favorite subject to photograph, besides your kids?

I love nature photography - taking photographs of landscapes, wildflowers and especially wildlife. Luckily for me, as a family we spend much of our time hiking, kayaking, camping and exploring the great outdoors which gives me lots of opportunity to pursue my passion.

Which camera do you usually use?

I generally use my Canon DSLR but if that's completely impractical, such as when I'm skiing, I have a small waterproof point and shoot.

What's a creative way to display photographs?

I love my narrow display shelf over my couch. I can mix and match different photos, prints, paintings, even books depending on my mood and the season.

What's on your bucket list of things to do with your kids this summer?

Suzi Smart

Our summer bucket list includes: 1. Our big trip - Backcountry kayak trip to Maligne Lake, Jasper 2. Spend time with friends at the beach 3. Visit the Grandparents in Vernon 4. Various outside adventures: Hike, Camp, Canoe, Kayak 5. Play outside everyday: bubbles, water, chalk, 6. Ride our bikes
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Can you recommend a great toy that costs less than $10? Please share a link to a photo.

Suzi Smart

Since my blog is all about getting families outside, I'll have to go with - Go Outside! Climb trees, jump in puddles, build a sandcastle, explore a natural area nearby - all are great ways of enjoying the outdoors. Please visit my post for a lot ideas as well links to many other outdoor blogs. Ten Ways to Get Outside! -
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