a bit of sunshine


I am a Seattle stay at home Mama of three little sunshine's blogging about design, diy, photography, dating my husband and anything that makes me smile even when skies are grey.

Rebekah is a winner of Top 25 Kids' Style

What inspired you to start blogging?

I originally started blogging four years ago to capture a bit of our family life and to document my adventures in starting a business, my jewelry line Orangepoppy. I started writing A Bit of Sunshine this past January with more of a focus on crafting, style and photography. It has truly been such a wonderful outlet as a busy Mom of three.

How do you keep up with the latest kids' fashions and being a mom?

I read a lot, online and print magazines are an addiction. I have always loved fashion and feel that current trends in general are driving the kids style market.

What are three things parents should think about when styling their kids?

1. Have fun, but remember that they are kids and not little adults. I love seeing stylish mini me outfits, but there is a limit I like my kids to still look like kids.
2. You can find a lot of great outfits for your kids for not a lot of money. These little ones are going to grow fast and they are hard on their clothes -- spending too much is silly, put that money away for college.
3. Don't be afraid to mix and match. It is always tempting to buy the whole ensemble -- matching top bottom, shoes the works but mixing and matching with other pieces your kids currently own makes the outfit seem effortless and unique not like the store styled it. Above all have fun and don't dress your kids in something you would hate to wear.