Blended Family Today

BLENDED FAMILY TODAY, along with it's sister radio program Blended Family Today radio, exists to Encourage, Extend Hope and Practical Tips, along with Inspiration and Motivation for Stepfamilies.
Dan and Rebecca Snell are the Blended Family...

Rebecca is a winner of Top 25 Moms with Blended Families - 2012

What aspect of being in a blended family has surprised you?

That while marriages begin 'in love' and 'confident' that the 'very common' challenges that arise often create renewed hurts, wounds, doubts and struggles that can lead to a Mom to question the situation.
I married a Good Man. Hard working. Handsome. Creative. Romantic. Intelligent. YET...YET...he has flaws like everyman.

What's a good tip for preventing sibling rivalry?

Creating an atmosphere of the new 'collective' family is FAMILY. A Family that will absolutely have challenges. That absolutely will have children disagreeing and getting on each others nerves. YET...we are NOT QUITTERS. We won't 'run' to another house complaining. We will work to treat each other as we'd like to be treated. That we don't choose sides. We don't favor. We don't attack. We are together.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to moms who are about to become part of a blended family?

Take the giant heart we bring into the new marriage and family and invest in reading, workshops, mentors, coaching and gathering upfront the understanding of the common issues that arise. So WHEN they do arise...a Mom can stay rock solid in her faith or ability to handle things with greater understanding and strength. The Family needs Mom to stay calm and steady.