Blue Milk

Thinking + Motherhood = Feminist.

She is a doll who drinks little tiny glasses of wine. And is a mother of two. She is also one of the contributing authors of The 21st Century Motherhood Movement, and is an economist and feminist...

Blue Milk is a winner of Top 25 Political Moms - 2012

What political issue are you most passionate about?

Feminism, which is kind of cheating for an answer because it covers everything - poverty, equal opportunity, reproductive rights, public healthcare, sexuality, racism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, domestic violence, sexual assualt, unpaid domestic labour, support for carers, childcare, mothers' rights, children's rights, access to high quality education, international relations and community building, distribution of income, workplace discrimination, equal employment opportunities, policing and imprisonment and the impact on families, immigration, cost of living and on it goes.

How do you to teach your children the importance of civic duty?

Mostly through brainwashing, same as all political parents. (I jest). They learn by way of being around it, by being around us, by being under-foot. This is where children should be - included and belonging. They listen to their parents discussing politics over dinner, and they come with us to vote, and then they eat cake at our election party and they spill their drinks on us and we tell them it is time they went to bed, already, and they say they want to see who won first. They come with me to protest rallies, to Indigenous music festivals and multi-cultural events, and they come with me across the street to check on the elderly woman who lives alone in her house. I hope civic duty is something my children are learning simply by enjoying being a part of their community.

What's a political issue you've changed your views on?

I'm not sure I have changed my mind on all that many major political issues. I usually read about and think about an issue before I form a view on it and I have been political for a very long time so I have had the chance to get to know myself pretty well. But I think I am much less prone to viewing political views as simple, even when I disagree with them, than I once might have been. I'm much more likely to think that there are compromises and explanations and histories and trade-offs and real people's feelings behind political views, regardless of whether I share those views or not.