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shelby is a winner of Top 25 Photographer Moms - 2013

Do you have any good tips for teaching children about photography?

I only have a little 3 year old, however he has loved learning from me. I don't hesitate to give him the camera so he can practice and feel comfortable with the camera. And I always will pose for him if he asks.

Where is your favorite place to take photographs?

On a cloudy day, I love to take photos outside. And one of my favorite outside places is in the city. We live in Boston, and there is so much old, beautiful architecture that really adds to a photo.

What's a creative tip for taking good photographs of children?

I tend to lean towards candid shots of children and one thing I always try to use is a good backdrop. Whether it be a white wall, flowers, weeds, tree or sun flare. Also, don't always place your child in the center of the photo, try something new and use the rule of thirds!