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Jessica is a winner of Top 25 Home Management Blogs

What's your top tip for making the family home run smoothly?

I think being organized and having a clear understanding of who takes care of what chores is important. For example, my husband knows that I will take care of paying all bills and tracking our finances. I know that he will always take out the trash and get the ironing done.

That way you can trust your partner is going to take care of their responsiblities and it will help you stay more organized and worry less.

What are three home management skills every mom should teach her child?

A child should know how to:

1. Prepare healthy, delicious meals

2. Tidy up – a clean house is great, but one that is tidy and uncluttered is even better

3. Use an electric drill. It is a useful tool and I have to say, I get a real feeling of empowerment when I use it.

What's the most important thing you learned from your own mom about home management?

My mom has told me a couple of times that she regrets how she fed us as kids (we ate our fair share of canned soups and hamburger helper). We didn’t grow up cooking together and it was an activity I found I enjoyed once I lived on my own. Learning from her mistake has been invaluable.

Which room in your house is the most organized, and which is the biggest trouble zone?

I try to keep our house pretty organized all of the time, my mind becomes a bit scattered if my surroundings aren’t tidy. My basement often needs reorganizing; it is the catchall for all of the random things.

What's a great cleaning product you've discovered?


I use white vinegar for almost anything. It can be used on almost anything and although the smell isn't so great, it does neutralize the air. I also like knowing that I am not using any chemicals and products that are safe for my family.
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