Bringing Up Charlie

The blog about a dad in a mum's world, Bringing up Charlie charts the progress of stay-at-home dad Tim Atkinson as his wife returns to work, leaving him holding the baby and changing the diapers.

What inspired you to start blogging?

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How would you recommend moms talk to their sons about puberty?

Tim Atkinson

Openly, honestly and whenever he's ready. But remember, don't pick the subject like a scab. It (or in this case, son) will only fester in silence. Moms have the tricky job of allowing questions when he's ready to ask (with nothing off-limits) and gently nudging him to ask things you know he wants to know and needs to ask. All without 'nagging'. The phrase, 'treading on eggshells' could not be more apposite. But then, that's what makes parenting so challenging; that's why we love it. Personally, I was never able to have the open, honest conversation with my parents that I'd like to think I could have with my own children. But they're three and eight months, so I've got time to prepare. And that's crucial. The openness, trust and honesty necessary to talk to a boy - or girl, for that matter - about puberty starts years earlier, starts with the hidden agenda of your own attitude to sex and the unspoken messages given by the answers to all their other questions.
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