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i Brompton

This blog is about my commuting experience with Brompton bicycle for 190 days, to offset carbon footprint while making my bike.

Will is a winner of Top 25 Biking Families

What do you like about the biking lifestyle?

I can go somewhere cannot go by foot or cannot go by car. For example, I went to meet my friend tonight after dinner, where is too much trouble for car, too long for walk, perfect for cycling.
It broaden my horizon too. I met lots of interesting people by riding the 2-wheel.
I also can some a little retreat every night.
And, to finish 190 days of commuting by bike makes me motivated and having mission-feeling.

How often does your family bike versus drive?

We don't drive at all as we have no car. We take public transport if cycling is not an option. It is just too expensive to drive in Hong Kong. I have never thought of driving as an option. In Hong Kong, if we are really in a hurry, we will take a taxi. HK people all know that taking a cab for every trip is cheaper than owning a car just parking.

What’s a good safety tip for biking with children?

I am still learning too. To me, riding with them whenever possible, by doing that I can access their skill level. They are too young to ride on the road. We ride on pedestrian pavement where not too many people. I let one of the twins with better skill level to ride in the front, make sure the bicycle got front light at night, the other twin boy to follow him, and I am the last one on this straight line.When I know some place may have other traffic, like some area in a park, I will be the first of the line-up, the better-skill-level twin at last. Always the worst one in the middle.

What's most important when you buy a bike for a child?

Lim Soo

I bought the bikes for my twin boys when they were 3. They are now 7. Bike from a good brand name, even it is made in china, the quality control will be better. The bike has to fit for the child's size. Don't buy a bike too big for the child. Get it from a good local bike shop. You will need its service in the future. Sometimes the hand brakes may be too far from the handle which is only fit for child with long fingers. Coaster brake can be an alternative option. I won't get a folding bike for kids. As most of them are for adult. It is too stretching for kid to reach the handle bar.
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