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A blog focused on homeschool advocacy, education, encouragement, and support. Buehler Education tears down false stereotypes while also guiding parents toward the most effective homeschool strategies for their children's unique learning styles.

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Why did you decide to homeschool your children?

Homeschooling is the superior option across virtually all meaningful measures. When it comes to intellectual development or academic achievement, the flexibility of homeschooling allows for unrivaled opportunities for growth. When it comes to lifelong learning, homeschooling (and especially unschooling) are unmatched in their ability to foster in a child a desire to continuously seek out answers to the world around them. When it comes to personal/moral development, nothing trumps being around people who love one another and being shielded from the false and destructive environment of public schools. And finally, why would we want to outsource our parental responsibilities to teachers and administrators, and sacrifice what little precious time we have with our children before they grow up and leave home?