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Esther is a winner of Top 25 Home Design Moms - 2013

Of all the DIY projects you've done, which was your favorite?

I'm really more of a shopper than a DIYer, but over the years we've done a handprint project with members of our extended family. Any family member that stays overnight as a houseguest gets to make a handprint canvas. We use 10 x 10" canvases and I paint a solid background. Then with a contrasting color, I paint our guest's hand and they press it onto the canvas. We use the canvases along the wall in our upstairs hallway. Not only is it beautiful and colorful, but it's a great way to remember all the lovely times we've shared in our home as well as make our guests feel treasured and included.

What's your advice for moms who want to decorate their home on a budget?

Mixing quality pieces with budget pieces is key. When I put a cool Ikea vase near a collection of quality vases I've inherited, the Ikea vase looks a lot more fancy and fabulous than it really is. Mixing it up also gives you freedom to play and have more fun. If you were spending a lot, you might limit yourself to classic (possibly boring) designs, but when you embrace cheaper decor options, you're more likely to take design risks that will be a lot more fun. A budget doesn't have to mean limiting yourself, it can actually free you to be more creative and find a way to make a statement that says more than, "I spent a lot of money on this."

Where do you find inspiration for keeping your home stylish?

My fellow bloggers are by far my #1 inspiration for stylish living. Whether on their blogs, the things they pin on Pinterest or even the pictures of their own homes on Instagram, the style and creativity of my blogging friends is all the inspiration I need. When you find a community of bloggers with your similar taste and style, they beats any books, magazines, TV shows etc...