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What do you think are the greatest advantages of homeschooling?

What advice would you give to a mom who is considering homeschooling her child?

What's one homeschooling challenge you've faced, and what solutions did you find?

What's your best tip for teaching a gradeschooler about money?

Johnnie Seago, Rachelle Davis, Erin Lichnovsky, Terri Bonin

Kids love to give gifts, not just at Christmas time, but year round. Giving them opportunities around the house to earn dollars and then save them in a glass jar where they can watch it grow is a great way to teach kids how to put a value on things. My girls ages 9 and 7 are always looking for ways to earn money so they can go with their older brothers to the corner store, or so they can give a small dollar store gift to a friend. We wrote about this more last Christmas, how can kids earn money for gifts.
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