A Canadian Dad feeling his way through the wilderness of parenthood.

Nick is a winner of Top 25 Daddy Blogs

What inspired you to start blogging?

When we had our little guy, we initially started the blog to keep distant family and friends updated. We liked the idea of a blog because people could check it out on their own time rather than bombarding them with lengthy or large (photo attachments can be huge!) emails. It was incredibly supportive too when I went back to work (2 weeks after he was born) when my wife posted little updates during the day.

When I went on parental leave, the blog took off a bit. He was a bit older (7 months) and had pretty much settled into a routine. I found that despite lots of fun and games playing with the wee man, my brain was missing more intellectual challenges. Writing on the blog quickly filled this void. It also provided an outlet to vent, laugh, cry whether or not anybody read it. What surprised me was that people did, and not just family and friends. I actually discovered quite a community of other parenting bloggers and specifically SAHDs (Stay At Home Dads).

What makes your blog stand out?

I like to think that my blog tackles the challenges of parenting with a bit of humor without pulling too many punches. The Canadian context can be a bit different from US parents too and I think we address some of this as well, particularly the weather (Spring still hasn't arrived).

What are three adjectives that describe your blog?

1. Irreverent
2. True
3. Canadian

What are you doing when you're not blogging?

Do you have suggestions to help dads more comfortably participate in "mommy and me" events?

Nick Cheeseman

When my wife went back to work and I took over on parental leave, I kept attending our babies group. At first I was the only dad there, but over time more moms went back to work and more dads started showing. At the beginning I was sometimes called "an honourary mommy", but overall it was pretty welcoming. I always found it best to call it a babies group. The bond over having young children was the biggest part either way, if you were a new mom or a new dad. We quickly learned to share and that we were all sharing similar experiences regardless of gender.
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