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Renee is a winner of Top 25 Home Design Moms - 2013

Of all the DIY projects you've done, which was your favorite?

My favorite DIY project would have to be our remodeled kitchen. We kept our existing cabinetry and had granite installed. We removed the upper cabinets from above the sink and installed open shelving for all of my white dishes and silver serving pieces and did the marble and stainless steel backsplash ourselves. It was really fun to turn a very generic tiny kitchen into something so custom.

What's your advice for moms who want to decorate their home on a budget?

I am a huge believer of decorating within your means. Stores like Home Goods, Ross and Steinmart are some of my favorite resources as well as anything you can DIY. Think of it as dressing yourself. Dress for your body type (the details of your home), and make the most of what you are working with (budget, style, character). You don't have to have a million dollar budget to dress well and your home is no different.

Where do you find inspiration for keeping your home stylish?

The almighty Pinterest has certainly made finding inspiration easy but my fellow design bloggers are an immense inspiration. Everyone has a slightly different take on their personal style which is what keeps it all so rich. I'm honored to be among each and every one of them here at Circle of Moms.