Chasing Bargains

The week that Chasing Bargains was born, was another paycheck to paycheck week in our home..that was the week life changed and we had to go 16 weeks with no income! COULD YOU?! We not only survived, but thrived Chasing Bargains! Let me show you!

What's the single best decision about money you've made?

Does your child receive an allowance? If so, how much? (Please share how old your child is.)

What's an easy way moms can trim their family food budget?

Did you have success with a particular potty training book, video, or other motivational product? Please tell us why and share a link to the product.

Cherie Mamula

I read that if you went bare butt for for 3 days and watched--they'd be trained. I will say that Pull ups were a DOWNFALL! My daughter would 'go' if she had them on--the first day, I said no more--she was 100% potty trained. Asking her to go all night without an accident was not working, so I now put her to bed at 8 and I get her up at 11 to potty and put her back to bed--no more accidents!!
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