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Former kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mom who shares lesson plan and activity ideas for preschoolers, craft ideas, resources like behavior charts, menus, printables, and more! Moms will also resources to help the everyday mom!

What's your favorite grade to teach, and why?

How has being a teacher helped you as a parent?

What's the number one thing parents can do to help their kids succeed in school?

What is the best product you've reviewed that you think every mom should own? (please include a link to the review)

Bekki Lindner

If you’ve ever had to tie a dish-towel, apron, sheet, or pillowcase around your little one’s neck….If your child has jumped off the couch (the deck, the table, the counter, etc) in an attempt to soar through the sky…If “bad guys” best be on full-alert to steer clear of your tiny caped crusader….then you NEED to check out Pip and Bean! Pip and Bean create completely customizable super-hero capes for the little heroes in your life! High quality, ADORABLE, and affordable!
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