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What's your child's weirdest habit?

What's the most bizarre parenting product or children's toy you've seen or heard of?

What's your funniest potty training story?

Christy Hughes

When my oldest was potty training, he just couldn't grasp the concept of peeing directly in the toilet. Or maybe he just didn't care. Anyway, since I was the one cleaning up all the accidents, I decided to lock the two of us up in the bathroom, strip him down to his birthday suit, and wait it out. How long could it possibly be until he finally felt the urge? Longer than I anticipated. He played happily with his army men while I sleepily sat Indian style on the floor struggling to keep my eyes open. Our bathroom was very small, so when the urge hit him, it was either going in the potty, or in my lap. Lap it was!! Just as I drifted off to dreamland, I felt a warm stream of "WAKE UP NOW DUMMY!" on my lap. I was jolted awake. Reacting quickly, I spun him around just in time to complete the stream in the potty! He had this light bulb moment. Finally realizing that was what I was wanting him to do all along. From that day on, he successfully pointed his stream into the mysterious white bowl beside the tub.
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