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Nadia is a winner of Top 25 Travel Blogs by Parents

What's one of the funniest experiences (good or bad) you’ve had traveling with kids?

Funniest and most exasperating took place a couple of weeks ago on a trip to the USA. After stopping at a nearby diner for a quick potty break, buckling them back into their seats and setting off on the highway, my youngest (2.5 years old) announced that she had to go pee yet again. 10 minutes later after stopping in a nearby town for another bathroom break she made another pee announcement and we stopped AGAIN (3rd time in 30 minutes). Luckily that was it until we made our destination but at the time it was quite humorous. At 9 months pregnant, buckling your child in and out and taking them in and out of bathrooms can get....tiring. ;)

If you could share one piece of travel advice with other moms, what would it be?

Just go with the flow and try to leave high expectations at home. Kids will be kids and whether you are road tripping, cruising, visiting Disney World or just playing tourists, your plans may not go exactly as planned. This is actually a perk in disguise and you may find yourself experiencing things you wouldn't have had you traveling solo or as a couple. Traveling with children forces you to slow down and smell the roses ;).

If you could take your kids anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Australia. I think it would be incredible for my kids to experience "the other side of the world". Besides incredibly animals like Kangaroos and Koalas, I think Australia is an amazing place for children to learn and discover. What an experience that would be!