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What do you think are the greatest advantages of homeschooling?

What advice would you give to a mom who is considering homeschooling her child?

What's one homeschooling challenge you've faced, and what solutions did you find?

What's a great theme you've done for your child's birthday? Please share a link with a photo.

Amber Oliver

When my middle daughter turned four, she asked for a "Charlie & Lola" birthday party. CHARLIE AND LOLA. Although, I loved the show, it wasn't the kind of thing I could find pre-decorated plates and party favors for! I had to put on my thinking hat and get creative. We very "Lola-ish" scrapbooking paper we were able to make our own invitations and butterfly and flower shaped decorations, hanging whimsically from the ceiling and wandering aimlessly across the wall. By focusing on bright colors and whimsical shapes, we were able to pull off a Charlie & Lola party my four year old adored!
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