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I homeschool & I teach a religion class to 4& 5 year olds. I also enjoy creating/sharing educational and Christian printable freebies in hopes that it helps others. One of my hobbies or passions is photography & often display what I see through...

Why did you decide to homeschool your children?

Under what circumstances, if any, is spanking acceptable to you?


There is a difference between spanking and beating. I think that's the main thing that people fail to understand. If it's a true spanking, then there's nothing wrong with it. Every child is different and this is sometimes all that's effective for certain children. They don't turn out to be abusers or anything else, it's just what works for them. Other children, there's never a need to spank and they shouldn't be. No matter what, a parent has the right to make that choice and do what's right for their family without others interfering with that decision. If the line is ever crossed and it becomes a beating, then immediate action must be taken. Statistically though, spankers don't turn into beaters.....beaters are abusive no matter what. I've seen people rip a child's arm off to throw the child in a corner. That's far worse than a parent that issues a controlled spanking. The circumstances must be decided by each parent and it must be handled in a correct manner. Nobody has the right to say what's right for another person or family.
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