Confessions of a Corn Fed Girl

I was raised on corn and pork in the great state of Iowa. I enjoy reading, cooking, eating, art, wine, the great outdoors, most animals, remembering the past incorrectly, licking glass and pecking at shiny things. In my spare time I mother two...

When you need a good laugh, where (besides your own blog) do you turn?

As a person who needs to laugh on a daily basis, I have many places that I look for humor. My kids are hysterical (and they often make me hysterical, in every sense of the word). My husband is a real piece of work and when I actually listen to him, he is very funny. As surprising at it may seem, I love to sit behind my computer in my pj's AND I am social- meaning I have REAL LIVE friend! (I know!) Of course, they are all witty and hilarious. And finally, I turn to the League of Funny Bitches to make me snort, guffaw and pee myself a little.

I also love to watch people fall down. That probably makes me sadistic and I shouldn't admit that. Whoops.

What's your child's weirdest habit?

They both lick grocery carts.


What's the most bizarre parenting product or children's toy you've seen or heard of?

I have to go with The Wiggles here. Again, WHHHHHYYYY?