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What's your favorite family tradition?

What's the most challenging thing about being both a blogger and a mom?

What's the most rewarding thing about being a mom?

How did you track milestones and special moments during your baby's first year? Please share a link to an image if it's relevant.

Joy Hanford

I kept a record in an informal baby book (first 1000 days by Nikki McClure) and on the quickest thing I could grab such as receipt backs, postits, sometimes my arm and the margins of novels. I would slip these bits into the baby book and once I out grew it, a file box. The biggest thing was to keep it casual and not feel guilty or that I should be doing more. Know you are always doing your best! I didn't have a free second to even look at these memories until my baby was 3, but I am so grateful I kept them because I know they would have been forgotten. Since leaving the states for Portugal I keep a blog of those first years and our current conversatiosn (now that my son is 5 and I have the time) to keep us connected with family and friends: Good Luck to you! All the best!
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