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Cool Baby Kid has been offering cool picks, tips and giveaways for parents, babies and kids since 2007.

Cecelia is a winner of Product Review Parents

What inspired you to start blogging?

Cool Baby Kid actually began as a wiki for friends to share their favorite picks for themselves and their children. As a new mom it was a helpful resource to quickly find the "best of the best" baby products; eventually it evolved into a blog.

What are three distinctive features of your blog?

1. An abundance of gift guides. Busy parents like myself often want a quick snapshot of what's cool or what to buy for a baby shower or birthday gift. Voila!
2. As an educator, I'm always on the lookout for educational products; Cool Baby Kid offers a dedicated section for educational resources, toys and more.
3. A consistent format and "Cool Pick or Tip" with every post makes it easy for busy parents to find unique ideas for themselves and their children.

What are three adjectives that describe your blog?

What is the best product you've reviewed that you think every mom should own? (please include a link to the review)


Revolutionary and 100% necessary for every new parent, the Quick-Zip Sheets by Clouds & Stars are a must. Eliminating the need to remove the crib mattress, slee-deprived parents can simply zip off the top layer of the sheet, zip on a clean one and voila! At least one baby-task simplified.
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