Coupon Christine

Christine (aka Coupon Christine) is passionate about couponing and saving money. With a growing couponing Facebook page, she’s helping others become passionate about saving money too. She has 4 other sites she helps run too! Busy!

Christine is a winner of Top 25 Canadian Moms - 2013

What's the best part of raising a family in Canada?

Living my entire life in London Ontario Canada, and deciding to stay here to raise my own family was an easy choice for me: Ontario is a beautiful place to live. We are close enough to visit some great Ontario attractions such as those found in Toronto and Ottawa, but also not far from several beautiful beaches, rural places to enjoy a hayride picking apples as well as being in a fairly busy city with tons of free parks and great local museums.

The seasons (and yes, this includes our very cold winters we get), the beautiful landscape and the feeling of open space in the outdoors is another great feature of raising my family here.

Multiculturalism, education and our amazing health care system are obvious selling points to living in Canada with a growing family, not to mention being in a country known for having the most friendliest people too helps!

I also will be selfish and put a plug in for what I do daily for my own family as well as 12K other families that follow me on Facebook in terms of the savings Canadians are offered when using coupons. We are very fortunate in Canada to have companies that provide us with coupons that help each family get through some of the toughest financial struggles. We all need to grocery shop and put food on the table, and with the rising costs of almost every single living expense, couponing and saving money has become a lifestyle change for so many. I am fortunate to have met many families struggling to save and have been able to get out of debt using coupons - but the best part of my day is the feedback I receive that what information I shared, a coupon deal or even my match-ups have allowed another family to enjoy a family vacation, buy a car or even helped pay off bills weekly. The best part of raising my family using coupons is that I know that I have helped many others too in the knowledge I have given them on my blog.

What's the biggest misconception people have about raising a family in Canada?

Misconceptions I hear about raising a family is that its constantly snowing and we all live in igloos. Even when I am 2 hours away from home visiting the US, people ask if the weather is so extreme that we cannot leave our houses. I also like when people ask about our money and what a loonie and toonie is equivalent to their money and whether we have grocery stores, malls and restaurants.

I often times find myself expressing that those asking should really come visit Canada. I tell them about how beautiful it is here, how welcoming our great country and how similar we are to their country.

In regards to couponing, and some of the misconceptions I hear about saving money here in Canada, is I hear "oh it is definitely not like what you can do in the USA". Well personally, I do not need 800 tubes of toothpaste and 400 jars of mayo like they show on the extreme shows. I do like to coupon and save money for my lifestyle, for the products and items I do buy weekly and need for my growing family. Another misconception about couponing in Canada is that coupons are very hard to find. This is not true at all. You can find coupons in many places including online sites such as, Facebook fan pages for your favourite products, inserts in weekly newspapers, tear pads in front of products in stores + many more. Lastly, coupons found in Canada are only for products I do not use or for junk food. Not true at all. Last year, my fans got free cheese, cottage cheese, cleaning products, toilet paper, diapers for less than 5 cents each, shampoo and body wash + so much more!

What do your kids love most about living in Canada?

My daughter is only 3 and knows no other place other than this beautiful country we decided to raise her in. She will come to love and appreciate all the same things I have mentioned above, education, multiculturalism, health care, beautiful scenery, family vacations to some beautiful Canadian cities and so much more.

She already enjoys walks along the trails at my cottage, being close to her immediate family who also have chosen to stay in and around London, bike rides to close parks, seasonal changes and enjoying colours of fall and snow angels in the winter.