Jenn is a winner of Top 25 Couponing Moms - 2013

What advice would you give to a mom who wants to start couponing?

Don't start too big - even using a .50 cent coupon is saving! Don't get discouraged either. Follow your favorite site(s) and learn from them. Match your coupons with weekly sales too. That is a huge money saver!

How much do you save yearly using coupons?

I've not kept as much track this year (2013) as I have in the past. However, I can tell you that the first year I got into couponing heavily, I saved over $5000/year.

What is the best resource you've found for finding coupons?

I will say that it can honestly depend on what products you use when it comes to the best resource for coupons. Sometimes I prefer the Sunday paper inserts. Other times, I love printing coupons from the blogs, coupon sites or emails from companies. I feel that is it just what you need for your household really when it comes to the best resource for coupons.