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Sarah is a winner of Top 25 Couponing Moms - 2013

What advice would you give to a mom who wants to start couponing?

Start slow so it is no overwhelming. Check out what items you have in your household and start emailing those companies telling them how much you like their products and request coupons! They will be happy to send them out! Also make sure to "like" the brand's Facebook page as well since they have a lot of coupons and freebies available there as well. Never be afraid to try another brand you aren't familiar with, including store brands - you might find yourself pleasantly surprised! Follow coupon bloggers who post store matchups for the stores in your area for the best way to maximize your savings at the store. Do a couple of small test runs at the stores to get a feel for couponing and gain confidence. Always carry the store's coupon policy in your purse and never be afraid to question the store if they don't accept a coupon within their guidelines.

How much do you save yearly using coupons?

I shop once or twice a week depending on the sales at my local Kroger. Our Kroger stores double coupons up to $1 so we are able to walk away with tons of free and near-free items which allows us to donate a lot of items each month! On average my savings are over 75-90% each shopping trip and that includes buying produce, milk, eggs and meat! I would say we spend about $100 a month on groceries tops and with that we are able to donate lots of food and toiletry items to the local Salvation Army and our local karate studio where we have families close to us that can use the help!

What is the best resource you've found for finding coupons?

I find all the coupons I need in my local newspapers and printing them straight from my blog Coupon Savvy Sarah because I keep all the links to the hottest coupons right in one spot!

What is the youngest age you would let your child have a part-time job?

Sarah Muennix

I started babysitting by age 11 and was 14 when I started working at the local flower shop down the street from my house. My parents made sure it never interfered with school work. So for my daughter, it will depend on her grades, her responsibility level and what she planned on using the money for
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What is your best tip for planning an affordable summer vacation with kids?

Sarah Muennix

Ask around to friends and family for destinations they have been on that are kid-friendly. Once you have decided on a location - check out and other discount sites for coupons and deals on area activities, restaurants and businesses! Also check to see if your destination has a tourism page with activities, discounts and more!
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What's an easy recipe a babysitter can make?

Sarah Muennix

A fun recipe we like to do with kids is Octopus Hot Dogs - simple and easy for a babysitter and fun for the kids! We serve the "octopus" on top of "seaweed" - aka mac and cheese (tint the water green with food coloring). DIRECTIONS: Cut hot dog in half length-wise, leaving about 1" intact at the end. Cut each of the long sections in half (lengthwise), then in half again - these are the legs. Boil until legs' curl up and hot dog is cooked through.
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