Couponing to be Debt Free

I started Couponing to be Debt Free in January 2009 after my family struggled to make ends meet due to my husband losing his job. I discovered that by using coupons I could lower our household expenses and we could live a "caviar" life on a frugal...

Julia is a winner of Top 25 Money Saving Blogs by Moms - 2012

What's the single best decision about money you've made?

The best decision I’ve made regarding money is to live on less than we make. It hasn’t always been easy and we haven’t always done it but it's worth the struggle. It is the single most important thing to do in order to build wealth and have a happy family life.

Does your child receive an allowance? If so, how much? (Please share how old your child is.)

No. We believe that children are expected to do chores as they are members of the family. All family members need to pitch in to help the family function.

What's an easy way moms can trim their family food budget?

There are three simple things moms can do to trim their family budgets:

1. Use coupons
2. Buy things on sale
3. Stockpile items (enough to hold you over to the next sale - approximately 8 - 12 weeks).