Couponing with Boys!

Blogging about saving money while raising 3 growing boys

What's the single best decision about money you've made?

Does your child receive an allowance? If so, how much? (Please share how old your child is.)

What's an easy way moms can trim their family food budget?

Do you give your children rewards for doing chores?


We tried the whole reward system for chores, but it never worked with my oldest. The first time he didn't do what he was supposed to and didn't get a reward, he was done, no more doing chores for him. He was also told by his grandmother that chores are a punishment. He should only be doing them when he's in trouble. I think he should be doing chores to learn how to do things in the real world. No one taught my husband how to do laundry, he never had to cook for himself, I had to teach him how to do things. I don't want my kids to go through that!
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