Crawl The Line

Crawl The Line chronicles my life as I journey through being a working mom with two young boys. I love taking photos, writing, graphic design and being thrifty!

What's your favorite subject to photograph, besides your kids?

Which camera do you usually use?

What's a creative way to display photographs?

Can you recommend a great toy that costs less than $10? Please share a link to a photo.

Christella Morris

I love those mini magna-doodles you can take in the car with you or wherever! I usually buy them from the dollar store (they're usually $1.00 - $2.00) but I found one from Toys R Us for $9 that seems to hold together a lot longer, so that one is still holding strong! The best part? My 2 year old can draw his little heart out without drawing all over my walls or inside my car! Nothing beats stuff that saves you from cleaning! You can read about the mini-magna sketch and other inexpensive toys on my blog, Crawl The Line, at
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