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Karen and Briana is a winner of Top 25 Family Blogs by Moms - 2012

What's your favorite thing to do on family night?

We love our Family Home Evenings, its a dedicated night once a week that we stop everything and focus on family. Its something that the Church puts forward so we always know the priority of family.

We start with prayer, then we read the Scriptures together (the kids love it when we show pictures and they can point at them and announce who it is, recently everything have been Apple, our Elf on the Shelf), have a fun Spiritual Lesson and always have some yummy treats and fun games to play like giant Jenga where we teach about building each other up to be strong with nice words and kind actions and how negative can make someone fall down.

With toddlers its about keeping things short in duration and interactive at the same time, but we know that giving them that dedication to family and our Faith helps them grow strong and helps them know how much we care, love and appreciate them.

What has surprised you most about motherhood?

Well I bet most Mommas would agree, when you are ready to have your first child all the way through at least the first 6 months of pregnancy, you are sure you have it all under control. That you know everything you will ever need to know and then it changes.

The love and compassion that you feel for that pink squirmy and wriggly baby is overwhelming and then the second guessing starts. Did I get the right diaper? Am I doing enough? Is this the right food? Why arent they walking yet? So then begins the maybe Im not doing it right until one day/moment and every day becomes something amazing.

It could be a new word and the proud Momma moments kick it, a new move, and new action...and thats when you realize that your heart will keep growing with love for each and every child.

What's your favorite game to play as a family?

With Toddlers, we play anything from picture bingo, to matching games, stacking games and a pair of siblings have discovered the fun world of Fetch. The 2 year old throws a ball and tells the 1 year old to fetch and she does, all while in hysterical laughter.

Its not about the game but about the moment and enjoying every precious second.