Crucial Trivialities & Utter Randomness

From behind the bespectacled eyes of a fifteen year old slightly-sane-slightly-insane girl.

Arfa is a winner of Top 25 Kid Bloggers

What do you blog about?

To give the general answer that everyone will, 'Oh I write about nature, love, awesome stuff, insert-name-of-whatever-appeals-to-you. I think you'll love it, you should TOTALLY check out the stuff on my blog! *cue grin* '


What I write about is...crap. Um, no, I'm not kidding. I write about anything to everything from baby powder to cancer in a way that's so, so darn lame that you'll read one line, fall off your chair laughing, get up, read another line and fall out again.


Now I'm boasting, excuse me, but I'm in a smug mood today. Apparently. But those were not my words, the falling off part.

What's the coolest thing about your mom?

She lets me text/blog/chat late into the night. Sometimes. When I really, really, REALLY beg. Then she goes, like, "Aw, dang, I was a teenager once too, what the hell, go on with it." No, she doesn't, I just exaggerated right over there. But she lets me stay up anyway.

Plus, another cool thing, her green eyes. Which I totally want.

If the tables were turned and you could punish your parents, what would they get in trouble for?

For being way too inquisitive. And not allowing me out for hangouts. And for making me clean my room. And for making me go to school. And scolding about grades. And the list goes on. Ha!