Crunchy Frugalista

Crunchy Frugalista is a great site that is always thinking outside of the creative box. You can find amazing upcycled or repurposed crafts, plus tons of craft ideas that are perfect for any occassion

Ashley is a winner of Top 25 Creative Moms - 2013

Where do you discover new kid-friendly crafts?

I really find inspiration every where. whether I am in a craft store, hanging out with my kids or on a nature hike, inspiration seems to find me. It's something my kids enjoy helping me out with as well.

What's one creative product you would recommend to all moms?

My number one go to product is probably Mod Podge. You can use that for so many different crafts and crafting ideas. It's really easy to think outside of the decopage box as well using Mod Podge.

How do you encourage your child to explore their creativity?

All three of my children are homeschooled, and we talk about creativity a lot. We started teaching them young to speak kindly to themselves and embrace their creativity. Turning off your inner critic can really help your creativity flourish.

Our kids always have access to tons of paper, art supplies, and time to explore their creativity. They are way more creative than I am, and it's a really neat process to watch them learn where their passion is.