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What's your go-to product or brand that gets around your child's food allergy?

Sometimes I just don't want to have to make everything from scrath. I love being able to turn to a product I know is easy for me and the kids love. There are a few products we love that meets that criteria while avoiding gluten and dairy to keep our bodies healthy.

We like Mary's Gone Crackers for snacking and dipping in hummus. Tinkyada pasta is super for a fast dinner on soccer nights or after being out all day on a homeschooling adventure. We always carry a few lara bars in the car in case of hunger happening before we get home. Food For Life's Brown Rice Tortillas are like a blank pallete just waiting for the many creative fillings to be stuffed inside it and wrapped up for a lunch the kids ask for again and again. And to finish it all off, who can resist some So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream!

It is nice to have all these to turn to when we are not making some the kid approved yummy recipes on .

What's one thing you'd like all moms to know about food allergies (either about your family's specific allergies or in general)?

What's one of your favorite recipes that's safe for your family's food allergies?

What advice would you give to a mom who just found out her child has a food allergy?

What's a great allergy-safe food to bring to a party?

Some favorites that we have brought along with us that always get gobbled up....

Watermelon cake. Slice a watermelon in half. Slice again so the largest round part of the watermelon can form the bottom of the "cake". Make two more layers and scewer them together so you have a three layer cake. Then we chop the rest of the watermelon into chuncks and skewer them with other cut fruit and grapes and stick them in the layers. Here is one example but be creative!!

We also like to bring popcorn. I make it using coconut iol on toop of the stove. When it is done, I sprinkle it with sea salt and nutritional yeast. Yum!!

Cashew mayo and veggies is also a big hit. I get requests for this dish all the time for family gathering. Friends at homeschool coops we are involved with all seem to cozy up a little closer to me around me when I bring this for our lunch. I always bring plenty to share! You can get that recipe at . Pair this with favorite veggies and my favorite, apples!!

For dessert, try some easy to make fudgy fun shapes. Here is a great halloween one. It is so easy with just dates and cacoa mixed together. You can use various cookie cutters to fit the gathering you are bringing them to. Kids love them and honestly, you will find the adults sneeking 'just one more' a few times as well.

Have fun and happy party going!!
Sioux and Sabrrina

What's your go-to cooking shortcut?

For some recipes, I like to double it and freeze half for another day. One shortcut I love is buying soup from a box or can and then adding more veggies to it. For example, buy a box of Pacific Red pepper soup, add your own veggies and serve atop pasta, quinoa or brown rice. An easy meal that is delicious!

What is your favorite quick breakfast recipe?

Sabrina Granniss and Sioux Wimler

Hands down, our family's favorite lightening speed recipe is a smoothie!! I love it because it is lots of fruits, greens and superfoods, too. Now, everyone loves a different fruit to greens ratio in the house and differenet combos, but we also find plenty that we all can't get enough of. This morning we had frozen pinapple, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, 1 banana, 2 handfuls of spinich a little dried coconut water and a dribble of raw honey. Just add enough water to the desired consistancy and instant nutritious, filling, portable and tasty breakfast. Enjoy!! P.S. kids come up with great combinations!!
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When is a baby too young to cry it out?

Sabrina Granniss and Sioux Wimler

I don't think judging needs to be a part of your personal choices in parenting styles. When it comes to raising children though, you should be making an informed decision. That informed decision should come from what feels intuitively right to you as a mom or dad, what works for your individual child and from research that is from valid and respected sources that have the child's well being at heart and not profits. There is quite a bit of research on the dangers of crying it out. There are chemicals released in the brain that cause the baby to be in a fight or flight state when they are left to cry it out and that is simply not heealthy. The brain of an infant is changed when the cry it out method is used as well. Food for thought, Sabrina
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