Cupcakes and Dirt

A lovely yet goofy blog about the cupcakes and dirt in life with my Mr. and my three lovely little ladies.

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My Favorite Family Activity

My children are homeschooled so I like to take them to the movies on a day when all the other kids are in school. It's my way of saying to my younglings "Thanks for putting up with me. Now let's have fun and throw some popcorn at each other." We usually get the whole theater to ourselves. We can talk and laugh as loud as we want.

How Blogging Changed My Family Life

Blogging has definitely changed our lives. I wish I could say no but Bloggy is like a member of our family that tells all our secrets and shares all our bozo pictures to the world. If you had a family member like that wouldn't you duck and hide? My hubby and younglings tell me daily, "Please don't put that on Bloggy!" Not to be dismayed though. My family really does enjoy showing up on Bloggy. I think they've realized by now that it's all about them.

A Unique Feature of My Blog

My family is of course Bloggy's unique feature. It wouldn't be Bloggy without them now would it. If your looking for an actual feature though, (long pause) I would have to say that my recent implementation of Video Mondays is kinda groovy and unique. My smarty pants phone has tons of short funny and crazy videos. I never really had a showcase for all of them. They just lingered in my phone gathering time. So, I gave them their day in my little spotlight. So far it's going well. Maybe someday I'll do a link up.

Do you think the government should pay stay-at-home moms for their work of raising children and managing a household?

April Irvin

Freedom to teach my children at home. Freedom to feed them what I see fit. Freedom to vaccinate or not. Freedom to teach my children about their GOD in a way I deem appropriate. Freedom is what we were founded on. Simply put, what the government pays for the government controls. I choose freedom over money.
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