McAfee Cybermum India

Like any other Mom,I wanted to make sure that my kids were safe both in the real & virtual world. This led me to think about other kids as well. So I joined McAfee's campaign to keep Indian kids safe online by spreading awareness on cyber threats

Anindita is a winner of Top 25 Tech Moms - 2013

What's your favorite kid-friendly app?

I'm not going to discuss any app here, for there are too many wonderful apps to single out just one. However, I can definitely share with you one very IMPORTANT kid-friendly feature of McAfee Total Protection. The 'Visibility and control' feature that helps you manage your kids’ Internet use to permit their fun and at the same time allows you your peace of mind. See what it offers:

#Parental Controls—Apply adjustable rules to block inappropriate sites and limit online time.

#Surf Report—Check login times by user, attempts to access forbidden sites, and total online time.

#IMPROVED Summaries—See and print one usage report for all your kids

So even if you aren't at home or your child is left in the care of babysitters or grandparents, you can still remotely be aware of their interent usage, be warned if any abusive language is exchanged on chat sites and informed if any stranger tried to approach them.

Isn't that just Wow? What a relief for Moms like you and me who can't be home 24/7 and always are on tenterhooks about our children's safety in our absence, what with the rising number of bullies, paedophiles and cyber crooks out there.

What tips would you give a mom who wants to become more tech savvy?

The computer is not your nemesis-befriend it. Its as easy as learning ABC these days, trust me. If you are already well-versed with Operating Systems and software, then skip the first two suggestions:

1)take basic computer courses-a 3-month course will also do nicely

2) Involve your children in your learning process. This will make for some great bonding time and will give the kids a sense of responsibility towards you as well as a sense of achievement when you learn something

3)Join all the networks your kids visit. That's the only way to learn about these, become net savvy as well as keep an eye on the kids in the cyberworld. Of course this works best if you join along with them, before they have reached that stage of teen rebellion and become hyper sensitive about privacy

4) Invest some time learning and playing with gadgets you buy for your kids but don't understand yourself- like the Nintendo or XBOX or iPod or even smartphones

5) Follow tech experts and gadget freaks on twitter, Facebook, G+ etc. You will pick up wonderful nuggets of information this way. And just imagine that look on your geek kid's face when you offhandedly share this with him/her!

6) Start a Mom for Tech Group in your neighbourhood/online networking sites. Moms understand the concern and woes of other Moms the best and it will be a great opportunity for Moms to meet up, discuss face-to-face Internet related issues that bother them and also discuss cases of bullying, stalking, hate groups, if any. It's always a good idea to be in touch with the Mom's of as many school and locality friends of your child's as possible

7) Ensure that all your gadgets are well-protected, including gaming gadgets and smartphones. Don't leave it to others. Find out the specific features of each security software before making your decision. may I suggest you use parental controls for your preteens and early teens? When your kids see that you are smart at keeping them safe online as well as offline, they will really respect you.

So go on and show the world what a 'cool' mom you are.

What's the most innovative gadget for children you've seen?

The world of children is a world of colours, smells, adventures and imaginations. Unfortunately, children afflicted with visual illnesses miss out on so many things. Hence gadgets that make their world more meaningful are gadgets that I greatly admire. Like this B-Touch phone and book reader. It uses a touchscreen display for Braille. The B-Touch supports a navigation system and also has a book reader and an object recognizer. It is also programmed to function as a phone. Read more about it here: