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The Most Rewarding Part About Being a Single Parent

There are lots of rewarding moments being a parent in general but I don't think that any are more rewarding than in two parent households. I enjoy the same ups and downs as any parent — the report cards and soccer goals, the playdates and sleepovers, the good and the bad. It's all there by virtue of being a parent — a job I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

A Piece of Advice for Other Single Parents

One piece of advice is listen to your kids. As a single parent you don't have that other person to sound off against. If you are unsure of a decision you made or something you said or did as a parent you don't have another adult to advise you or tell you how to handle the matter. Try as best you can (especially if your kids are older as are mine already) to listen to your kids, to allow them to keep you as a parent in check. And be open-minded. You may have been wrong in doing something. Be open to criticism. Be able to say you're sorry. Listen to those smart kids you're raising.