Dadand is a different breed of dad blog. It's run by two friends who met in 2nd grade and have been buds for 30 years. It's a mashup of all things dad-, and dude-related. DIY, repairs, cars, gadgets, everything.

Pete is a winner of Top 25 Daddy Blogs

What inspired you to start blogging?

Pete: We’ve always been the type to help out our family, friends and sometimes complete strangers with just about anything. Over the years, we’ve shared our hacks, stories and solutions with each other — ranging from DIY home projects, autos, electronics, and after starting families…kids. You know, dad “stuff.”

Marty: We’d always be laughing at each other, and I’d often tell my coworkers or family about something Pete or I did and get a good laugh.

Pete: Since we’re in advertising, we do quite bit of research about clients, products, the marketplace…we are learning all kinds of stuff, all the time. We call it the “Pond of Knowledge.”

Marty: Yeah, it’s really broad, but not that deep. We know a little about a lot of things. Which can be dangerous. So, Pete calls me one day and said we should start a dad blogshare “the pond.”

What makes your blog stand out?

Marty: First off, there’s two of us, so I think we offer a little something for everyone. My perspective as a dad of four children, twins, homeschooling, etc, but also as a guy who's not afraid to try anything…at least once.

Pete: …and me raising my daughter as a single, dating father. I am seeing someone but I don't see this ever becoming a daddy dating blog. Like Marty said, the daddy stuff comes into play, but we're not trying to tell anyone how to raise their kids or be inspirational. There's enough of that, and those blogs are a dime a dozen.

Marty: Dadand is pretty entertaining so far…the writing style is funny, I laugh at Pete’s posts all the time. And I think we do good stuff, we’ve got some skills.

Pete: We’re still fairly new and finding our way. We think we have more to offer than a report of what happened over the weekend…

Marty: …but we’re not trying to change the world either.

What are three adjectives that describe your blog?

1. Clever
2. Conversational
3. Sweaty

What are you doing when you're not blogging?

Marty: Trying to be a better dad, better husband…everyday. I love projects, making something new and better, fixing old things — my 1932 Philco radio, my mid-century home, my beloved ’56 Ford.

Pete: Pretty much what Marty said (except for the husband part), we've been friends a LONG time, so we're a lot alike. I love doing home projects, riding my motorcycle, going to the beach up the street, and being with my girl and daughter.