DadStreet writes about parenting from a Dad's perspective. You're not going to find tons of giveaways and contests on this site. Instead you'll be connected to how one dad views life through a dads lens.

Josh is a winner of Top 25 Daddy Blogs

What inspired you to start blogging?

I had always dreamed of being a dad, ever since I was very young. As I got older, and my wife and I tried to have children, I took the lion's share of doing the research. I subscribed to all the parenting magazines, read all the books, even subscribed to the parenting websites. What I found was that all these resources were geared towards the moms. Even after the kids came, everything seemed to be centered around 'mom' and very little about us dads. I’m a very vocal person and never had a problem letting people know my frustration with this lack of validation for us dads. I later found I had a hidden passion for writing and many friends and family suggested I start a parenting blog. A blog focused on being a parent from a dad's perspective. I’ve always felt that dads were the other half of the parenting equation and a blog was a great vehicle in which I could share my thoughts and experiences. Little did I know I wasn’t alone as there are many other great Dad Blogs out here as well.

What makes your blog stand out?

I created my blog from the ground up. I’m not a Web Developer and I think that’s obvious if you visit my site. In fact, it took me 2 months just to get a header on my site and 3 months to put up an “About Me” page. I tried to focus on content rather than glitz and glamor. I think one thing that separates my blog from others is that my site is all about being a Dad. You’d be hard pressed to find one post that wasn’t directly focused on parenting and/or my children. I am extremely open and honest on my site and you won’t find any fluff or hidden feelings. I may not have the coolest looking site, and I may not be the best writer out there, but I can assure you that if you want to hear what a Dad who is utterly in love with his children and hear what he thinks about the world around him you can find it on my blog.

What are three adjectives that describe your blog?

1. Honest – I write from my heart and hope that it resonates with my readers.
2. Personal – There isn’t a whole lot I keep secret and I invite you in to my world with every post.
3. Engaging – I try to respond to every comment on my blog and make use of photos and videos when possible.

What are you doing when you're not blogging?

If I’m not blogging you can find me working (Yes, I have a full-time job), driving (Boy, do I have a commute), Spending time with the Fam, playing with my iPad or iPhone, Tweeting, Facebooking, drinking wine (I’m a huge wino), or running errands (I’m a regular dad).